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Big Wave Golden Ale | Kona Brewing Company
Big Wave is light golden ale with a subtle fruitiness and delicate hop aroma. A smooth, easy drinking refreshing ale. The lightly roasted honey malt contributes to the golden hue of this beer!
Red Right Return | Marker 48 Brewing
The aroma is a mixed of burnt caramel and roasted malts. Smooth, medium body with hoppy dryness underneath a caramel and toffee sweetness with a big finish of mostly malty sweetness.
Peach Python | Tampa Bay Brewing Company
Jam packed with LOADS of peaches! Upfront peach explosion & with a creamy vanilla finish. Packs a nice sour punch to the tongue with smooth sweetness. Dangerously drinkable sour that offers a complex, layered flavor profile.
Mad Manatee IPA | Bold City Brewery Jacksonville
More flavorful than the withering English IPA, color can range from very pale golden to reddish amber. Hops are typically American with a big herbal and / or citric character, bitterness is high as well.
Reef Donkey | Tampa Bay Brewing Co
This dry-hopped American Pale Ale drinks like a session IPA. Motueka, Equinot, & Citra hops give this beer a lemon/lime aroma with a citrus/tropical fruit flavor.
BroMosa Tangerine IPA | Big Storm Odessa, FL
A dry-hopped juicy IPA. Expect a strong punch of tangerine flavor followed by a dry and hoppy finish that even the self-proclaimed “IPA-hater” enjoys.
Markerade Hard Seltzer | Marker 48 Palm Harbor, FL
Markerade Red or Blue! Delicious Hard Water, like a blue Powerade mixed with a sprite. Or the red, it's ok to drink the Kool-Aid!
Stella Artois | Anheuser-Busch
Stella Artois is a classic Belgian lager, golden in color with a floral, hop aroma, well-balanced fruity malty sweetness, crisp hop bitterness and a soft dry finish.
St. Pete Beach Blonde Ale | 3 Daughters Brewing
Refreshing and bright, St. Pete Beach Blonde Ale finishes with a satisfying hint of citrus—a bombshell of a brew that brings the Florida coast to your palate. Great beach beer. Not too heavy but a little heavier then most straight up lager's.
You're My Boy, Blue! | Florida Avenue Brewing Co.
Pours a hazy blue-purple amber with large aromas of blueberry, light malts and some sweetness. Refreshing flavors of blueberries, wheat and bready malts. Only real blueberries could produce this fresh flavor!
Free Dive | Coppertail Brewing, FL
Whether you’re diving for stone crabs, or just wishing you were, this beer’s got you covered. Expect huge hits of citrus and pine aromas layered over a bright malt backbone. Perfect for a day on the water.
Mango Cart | Golden Road, CA
First in a series inspired by the iconic fruit cart vendors of Los Angeles. A light Wheat Ale bursting with lots of fresh mango flavor and aroma, finishing crisp and refreshing.
Unholy Trippel | Coppertail Brewing Co. Tampa, FL
An American craft interpretation of a Belgian Tripel, with a generous dose of hops along with Belgian-esque yeast notes. A big beer full of flavor and character.
Orange Vanilla Sunlight Cream Ale | Sun King, IN
Pours bronze with a little head. Lots of orange and vanilla aromas. Flavor is sweet, filled with a candy like orange note, and generous amounts of vanilla.
420 G13 | SweetWater Brewing Company, GA
This aromatic super-hybrid sticky IPA is not only delicious, but has added bonus of an olfactory experience that mimics the legendary G13 cannabis strain.
Bold Rock Blackberry Cider | VA
Predictably red, clear, thin fizzy tan head, average retention. Aroma of berry, tart apple. Taste is tart and sweet berry, lemon, apple. Juicy and bright!



Fun local corner bar, nice outside area, bands, karaoke, and wonderful ownership and staff!

Andrea Sauvageot


If you like a traditional pub this is the place. Cold cheap beer, pool, darts, karaoke and plenty of room for a big group.

Cory Maier


Love this place staff is friendly craft beer prices are the best in town. It’s the Florida version of Cheers!!!

Heather Stecklein